Messiness, Muffins, and Jo March

Sometimes, love is messy. That was the lesson I took from Jo March while watching "Little Women" last week. Squashed in one of those extra plushy red seats that has the smell of old popcorn sewn into the fabric, I propped my feet against the next row and marveled, anew, exactly how messy love can … Continue reading Messiness, Muffins, and Jo March

Sometimes Simplification is Simple

New Year's Eve finds me cleaning glass. 6 p.m. British time, 1 p.m. American. Very tired p.m. Anna time, the only time my jet-lagged body recognized. Working the same day my flight landed made the trip home for Christmas possible and I was trying to remain cheerful. Still, it was hard not to feel envious … Continue reading Sometimes Simplification is Simple